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FodderBox — A Field In A Box has partnered with Teagasc on a 10-week animal trial of fresh Asparagopsis seaweed, cultivated in FodderBox, as an anti-methanogenic dairy cattle feed supplement. 



This red seaweed, Asparagopsis, has been in the news around the world after multiple research trials showed up to a 90% reduction in livestock methane emission.

While Teagasc had already been devoting resources to this potential climate change mitigation strategy for livestock farming, all research, globally, has been limited to freeze-dried and dried Asparagopsis.

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The agreed FodderBox Teagasc research into fresh Asparagopsis is truly ground-breaking, representing the leading edge of aquaculture science.

While a longer follow up trial will be necessary to determine if traces of the active ingredient, Bromoform, a carcinogen, are present in the milk or urine, finding a strategy to reduce our livestock methane emissions would be a global game-changer and a serious feather for Ireland’s AgTech cap.

Deputy Minister, Michael Creed, says, “Irelands agri-food industry is a global leader in terms of its sustainability credentials.  Maintaining that position is critical for an industry that exports 90% of its produce and aspires to please the most discerning of global customers.

Research, development and innovation are critical to protecting and enhancing our global reputation. Reducing our emissions profile of greenhouse gases especially of methane and nitrous oxide is a critical part of that strategy. 

Doing so without compromising production levels is the holy grail.  Congratulations to FodderBox - A Field in a Box for their exciting contribution to this quest."

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