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Scalable. A FodderBox unit can be sized to meet the needs of any operation ranging from a backyard farm or garden producing 1 lbs per day of fresh premium fodder or micro greens, or salad greens, or wheatgrass (coming soon)…up to the standard FodderBox unit producing 1 ton of fresh premium fodder per day (available now, pictured below)…up to multi-ton systems custom built on-site (available now).

100% turnkey, self-contained and ready-for-use.

Utilises the leading edge of automated hydroponic technology.

Facilitates financing by consolidating building and equipment into a single purchase. 

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Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 22.45.12.png

The standard FodderBox unit (picture below) is composed of two rows of fodder trays, 7 groups each row, 6 trays each layer and 7 layers each group. 

Total 588pcs trays, each tray size is 25x7x165cm(W,H,L), daily output is 1000kg. 

98pcs of spectrum specific energy efficient long-life LEDs. 

Automated UV water filtration, air management, and water temperature control. Independent drip and spray irrigation systems can be operated manually or as integrated automated climate management system, reporting real-time data to your smart phone. Ozone air filtration optional.

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FodderBox for restaurants and back yards.

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