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Come see our new Mini-Auto-FodderBox in the Innovation Arena at The National and World Ploughing Championships 2022, Ratheniska, Co. Laois, Sept 20-22. 

Winner AgTechUCD Start Up of the Year!

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Auto-FodderBox and Mini-Auto-FodderBox.

Performing all growing functions including seeding, watering, lighting, harvesting, cleaning and re-seeding, to consistently and predictably produce fresh premium sprouted grain without daily labour.

Sprouted barley, wheat or oat grass improves performance while reducing GHGs. 


Recent US research show increased DMI, rumination activity and nutrient digestibility alongside methane emissions reductions of 24% in dairy and 48% in beef cattle.

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When you sprout grain in a FodderBox system 1 kg of grain becomes 6 kgs of sprouted grain that feeds like 3 kgs of grain.

There is no waste, as both the roots and the shoots of sprouted grain are fed directly to livestock every day.

In an Auto-FodderBox, 1 ton of sprouted barley, wheat or oat grass comes out of a 40’ container on a conveyor belt ready to feed, every day.


With a Mini-Auto-FodderBox, 60kg/day or 90kg/ day come off a conveyor belt on a 2x1.5m machine ready to feed every day.

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Ella Goddin

Sometimes to think outside the box, we need to think inside the box.


"Having launched Fodder Box Ltd. with the support of Enterprise Ireland, my goal is to increase the profitably of livestock farming, while directly reducing livestock emissions, by integrating hydroponic fodder production into our grass-based system."



Press the Button.

Print the Grass.

Sometimes to think outside the box we need to think inside the box. FodderBox—A Field In A Box.

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